Can you eat too much garlic?

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Just don't want to harm the stomach in any way shape or form - anyone know just how much is enough and what amount is way too much - signs, symptoms of too much

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  • Sometimes, after eating the antipasto plate at my now defunct favorite restuarant, I would have garlic breath literally for several days no matter how many times I brushed, but no ill effects. There were roasted bulbs of garlic with the tops hacked off so you could squeeze out pure garlic paste to spread on the bread. I don't think it was too much.
    • i overdosed once at stinking rose. it was like heartburn but in my whole body. it burned and i felt like i could feel the garlic trying to escape from my pores.

      but i still loved it.
      • i've never *felt* bad frome eating too much garlic, but i've smelt pretty bad!

        i overindulged at Stinking Rose too, kꦿd . right afterwards i caught a redeye back to atlanta. let's just say it was a good thing everybody on the plane was already asleep, 'cause i'm pretty sure they would've tossed me off the plane otherwise. my mom picked me up at the airport and was gagging all the way home. :-D
  • Garlic poisoning is apt to happen to dogs and cats more than humans. But in this article:

    are these two sentences:

    "However, many health professionals warn the high sulphur content in garlic can cause colitis and dermatitis by destroying the natural flora in the gut.

    "High doses of garlic may even prevent blood clotting and interfere with proper thyroid function."

    Don't know of the accuracy or of the truth of the statements. But moderation is a good thing to practice.
    • >However, many health professionals warn the high sulphur >content in garlic can cause colitis and dermatitis by >destroying the natural flora in the gut.

      Hmm. Perhaps that's why garlic also tends to engender Unholy Flatulence?
  • I don't think you can eat too much in general... but I do know that you can eat too much garlic too late at night... if you eat lots of ginger garlic and onions... (three of my favs.)... then you'll hyave a crazy night of dreams.... I guess those and others like it cause your brain to be very active making it hard to fall in to deep REM sleep....

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